SAN MARCOS, CA (January 5, 2021)—Westin Technology Solutions, a national leader in providing water, wastewater and energy utilities with technological solutions that help align systems with business goals, is pleased to welcome Mr. Luai Bseiso to their team as the Director of Infrastructure Management.

Mr. Bseiso is a seasoned global business leader with over 25 years of experience leading technology operations, promoting client relationships and new business growth, and achieving project goals on schedule and within budgetary constraints. He is known for team leadership abilities, technical troubleshooting abilities, and technology oversight capabilities. Before joining Westin, Mr. Bseiso held positions at utilities Black Hills Power Corporation, California ISO, Pacific Gas and Electric, as well as consulting firms Westin Engineering, KPMG, and CDM.

Among other accolades, Mr. Bseiso boasts extensive experience in leading and guiding operations in asset management assessments and integration, IT, security, business organizational assessment, and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) design, integration, and implementation.

“We are pleased to welcome Mr. Bseiso to our team,” said Doug Spiers, Westin Technology Solutions’ Executive Vice President for Consulting Services. “For nearly 40 years, Westin has advised utilities on the most effective and efficient ways to manage their business; we believe Luai’s experience in the industry and legacy of solution-oriented management align closely with our philosophies, making him a valuable addition to the Westin Technology Solutions team.”

About Westin Technology Solutions

Westin Technology Solutions was founded in 1981 to assist utilities in aligning their technologies with their business strategies.  Since its genesis, Westin Technology Solutions has successfully met the unique needs of organizations both large and small by developing, refining, implementing, and supporting software systems that improve the overall efficiency of necessary processes and reduce our clients’ bottom lines. Westin combines industry expertise with cutting-edge software applications to leverage technology for improvements in affordability, resilience, sustainability, and other critical challenges of tomorrow’s utility.  Please visit to learn more.