MILWAUKEE, WI (September 17, 2020)—Westin Technology Solutions, a national leader in providing water and wastewater utilities with technology solutions that help align systems with business goals, is pleased to announce it has acquired the eRIS software product from its originator, Eramosa Engineering, Inc. 

eRIS, a centralized, web-based reporting system that provides data in a visual and meaningful manner, is used daily by more than 80 utilities in North America.  Qualified by three unique advantageseRIS exceeds expectations in its speed of installation, transforms customers into partners, and serves the entire organization. With eRIS, users are always connected to the latest data, facilitating shorter project timelines and eliminating problematic data ownership. All customers help define the product direction and benefit from its enhancements; Westin Technology Solutions works hand-in-hand with customers to make eRIS work for them. eRIS also offers tools for everyone, from operators to executives, by integrating with all iterations of SCADA and other types of systems (LIMS, CMMS, Billing, Meters, GIS, etc.). 

For nearly 40 years, Westin has advised utilities on the most effective and efficient ways to manage their business,” said David St. Pierre, Westin Technology Solutions President. “As a former executive for multiple large utilities, I’ve seen every kind of software. Few programs have impressed me as eRIS has, with its ability to make sense out of disparate data sources and simplify big data into manageable sectors.”