Over the years, the City of Pasadena (“City”) Water & Power Department (“PWP”) has tracked and monitored the capital design, construction, maintenance, and replacement of its utility infrastructure assets using a variety of systems, supporting technologies, and manual reports. In a continuous effort to improve productivity and customer satisfaction, PWP is revisiting the way it manages and processes its jobs. In January 2020, Westin was awarded the Computerized Maintenance Management System Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan for PWP’s Water Division.

Concurrently, the PWP Power Delivery Division has also been looking to replace its various similar technologies with a new, integrated work and asset management solution. Westin proposed on and was notified of its award for this additional scope of work on November 9th, 2020. This effort broadens Westin’s contract with the Water Division to include the Power Delivery Division’s work management, asset management, and inventory needs.

The overarching goal is to procure an effective, integrated solution that assists with work order management, project lifecycle management, maintenance and inspection management, asset replacement planning, resource scheduling, inventory management, and reporting across PWP’s enterprise business.