MILWAUKEE, WI (September 21, 2020)—Westin Technology Solutions, a Milwaukee-based water technology consulting company, has acquired a web-based reporting system that is used daily by more than 80 utility companies in North America.

The data-based visual reporting system, called eRIS, is a software product being acquired from Eramosa Engineering Inc. Terms of the deal was not disclosed.

“For nearly 40 years, Westin has advised utilities on the most effective and efficient ways to manage their business,” said David St. Pierre, president of Westin Technology Solutions. “As a former executive for multiple large utilities, I’ve seen every kind of software. Few programs have impressed me as eRIS has, with its ability to make sense out of disparate data sources and simplify big data into manageable sectors.”

Westin Technology Solutions is owned by New Resources Cos., a parent company that is owned by Milwaukee businessman Mark Grosskopf. New Resources Consulting, one of the largest management consulting firms in Milwaukee with over 250 employees, is a sister company to Westin Technology Solutions and also under the New Resources Cos. umbrella.

Just over two years ago, New Resources Cos. acquired Westin Engineering, now Westin Technology Solutions, which also has an office in California. It was merged with Inflection Point Solutions, another company owned by New Resources Cos. Westin provides information technology planning and other services to water, wastewater and electric utilities.